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Willamette Oaks Named “Best Assisted Living Residence” 2017 by National Press Distributors

Willamette Oaks Named “Best Assisted Living Residence” 2017 by National Press Distributors

Willamette Oaks, located in Eugene, Oregon is a senior apartments and retirement community providing the finest care and community in the Lane County area.

National Press Distributors proudly awarded Willamette Oaks as “Best Assisted Living Residence” in 2017. Concluding extensive research into industry trends and customer satisfaction, Willamette Oaks is a leader in the senior living space. Unique and personalized schedules along with comprehensive activity offerings are vital for seniors. Their commitment to providing superior customer experience and the latest in assisted living features has earned them the award.

For many families, choosing to extend the offer of assisted living to their loved ones can be a decision that’s impossible to make. For many seniors, living independently in a community like Willamette Oaks is one of the most rewarding times in their lives. The structure of physical activities combined with strategies combatting mental health issues is a strong framework for their residents. Taking care of mind and body, with a heavy focus on community events and socializing, creates the gold standard of senior living in today’s world.

Willamette has recently introduced a farm stand as a marketplace for their clients, adding more healthy choices to their toolkit of health strategies. LifeMinded is the industry leading example that is an integral part of their residents’ time at Willamette. The International Council on Active Aging created a system to maintain physical health in a sustainable way without sacrificing on fun. As Willamette Oaks evolves, their consistent commitment to client satisfaction will provide an influential growth pattern to continued success.

National Press Distributors is the provider of Willamette’s award after extensive analysis and discussion with industry experts. Learn more about the process, or be considered for next year’s award; contact NPD’s press representative.

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